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Welcome to the digital home of the Sangreal Sodality of North America.

The Sangreal Sodality is a spiritual confraternity founded by William G. Gray and Jacobus G. Swart in 1980. Its chapters, branches, and membership have spread all over the world since then. Active temples, sodalities and working groups can be found in South and Central America, North America, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and Africa.

“Sangreal” refers to the holy blood or holy grail, which is a guiding principle in western esotericism. The Sangreal is that which is best in human nature, and the pursuit of that shapes the mystery tradition upon which the Sangreal Sodality is built.

The Sangreal Sodality is not a church. Membership is open to any aspiring seeker belonging to any faith tradition or to no faith tradition whatsoever. Its purpose is to foster union of the divine with the human through selfless service to both. This service aims at developing what is best in each of us and in all of us together — the “Sangreal.”

The workings of the Sangreal Sodality, framed within the western ceremonial tradition and the Kabbalah, are designed to help each member of the Sodality realize their innate desire to do what is right, honorable, and good in our relations with self, other, nature, and Divinity, however that is understood.

The Sangreal Sodality draws for its inspiration upon the extensive writings of William Gray and Jacobus Swart, but also relies upon the broader Avalonian, Arthurian, and Arimathean traditions of “wesotericism” represented in the teachings of Ronald Heaver (a.k.a., Zadok), Bligh Bond, Dion Fortune, Robert Cochrane, Emile Napoleon Hauenstein, and others.

Sodality members share a single central ritual in The Rite of Light, also called the Sangreal Sacrament. The Rite was conceived by William Gray as a ceremonial vehicle through which participants might become the kind of people who sacrifice the worst in themselves to serve the best in themselves and humanity, in accordance with the myths of sacred kingship and the quest for the Holy Grail. The ritual act allows participants an opportunity to shed their workaday burdens, deepening their connection with the Divine, sensitizing their physical and supernatural senses, and refining ordinary consciousness to reach a range beyond average awareness.

The focus of all workings done by members may be summarized as follows:

1. Practice the Rite of Light and receive the Sangreal Sacrament on a regular basis.

2. Engage in the Holy Office of the Tree of Life as often as time allows.

2. Seek active mediation between Deity and humankind for the purpose of serving evolution “lightward,” as William Gray often said.

3. Willingly sacrifice one’s lower nature for the expression of one’s higher nature in order to live fully in service to both God and our fellow humans. The model for this is both ceremonial and alchemical.

To inquire about the Sangreal Sodality please send a handwritten letter and photo to:

Sangreal Sodality

45 North Union Avenue

POB 1293

Lansdowne, Pennsylvania 19050